2023 Highlights

January 5, 2024

2023 was full of remarkable growth, collaborations, and impact - from navigating the legal and moral implications of the tsunami of GenerativeAI, to working to strengthen democracy in the face of growing partisanship, to deepening our understanding of human behavior, and beyond.

Our group's collective work influenced the EU and US regulations for AI, lead to being engaged in building better health and economic systems around the world, and has had important impact in combating fraud, partisanship, and terrorism. Our work has been published in more than 30 journal papers and led to new engagements with Australia, Singapore, and the EU; as well as new sponsorships from EY, Sanofi, AXA, Project Liberty, the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund, and the US government.

Building on our many events over the past year, we are looking forward to our yearly convening at Davos – it promises to be more exciting than ever.

In addition, our group continues to grow and expand - with several new PhD students, post-docs, researcher scientists, and senior leaders; as well as many moving on to other major universities and notable institution. It is exciting to see Connection Science become a more distributed and networked research effort.

Thank you for being a part of our group’s community. We are grateful for being connected and look forward to an interesting 2024 as we continue on together!

Alex “Sandy” Pentland
Director, Connection Science




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