Imagination in Action - Davos 24

January 17, 2023

Connection Science is co-hosting the next Imagination in Action at Davos 2024 on January 17 in Davos, Switzerland.

A convergence of global visionaries and innovators, harmonizing with the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting, will highlight a dynamic synergy of global thought leadership.

Amid the backdrop of the iconic Dome and Swiss Alps, a location celebrated for its inspirational and elevating ambiance, we invite you to join us in exploring and harnessing the power of imagination.

Keynote and speakers include: 

Connection Science Director, Alex "Sandy" Pentland;
Connection Science Visiting Professor and Founding Fellow Hossein Rahnama
Connection Science Fellow Yaniv Altshuler
Ph.D Candidates Robert Mahari and Tobin South
and Graduate Student and Researcher Guy Zyskind.


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