Pablo Rodriguez

Connection Science Fellow

Pablo Rodriguez is an ambassador and advisor to X (Google [X]). He is
a entrepreneur, business executive, and computer scientist, and
recognized as a creative leader and visionary.

He founded as CEO, Alpha, (Europe’s equivalent to Google [X]), the
skunkworks Moonshot facility established by Telefonica to address some
of the biggest problems in society by conceiving and delivering
radical solutions using breakthrough technology. Such Moonshots
include efforts in the areas of mental health, future of learning, AI
economies, or distributed energy.

At Alpha, Pablo has orchestrated an ever-growing team of data
scientists, developers, programmers, technologists, and business
strategists, who work together on audacious projects on the edge of
what is technically possible. Alpha’s Moonshots will affect hundreds
of millions of people, create a positive societal impact, and have the
potential to grow into billion Euro businesses. Alpha’s Moonshots are
underpinned by an AI team driving trustworthy, ethical AI, and privacy
preserving machine learning.

With over 15 years of experience, Pablo has worked in several Silicon
Valley startups (Inktomi, the world´s largest search engine before
Google; and Tahoe Networks, building the first routers for mobile