MIT Connection Science News: New Papers and Student Videos

March 30, 2020

MIT Connection Science News March 30, 2020


New Research

1) We have published online the first report of measuring social distancing using anonymized mobile phone data. This time is for the NYC area until 2020-03-25. We found that the measures put in place had great impact in people’s behavior and social contacts. "Social Distancing in New York City:What anonymous geolocation data can tell us about the effectiveness of social distancing policies."

2) New MIT Connection Science white paper available: " Restarting the Economy and Avoiding Big Brother: We need to know who is immune and employ them in the front line ."  

3) Isabella Loaiza: Video: "Data for Refugees: From Turkey to Colombia"

4) Prof. Burcin Bozkaya and Prof. Vinicius Brei, Video: "Gravitational Forecasting Reconcilliation: Prediction without historical data"  [Slides]

5) Eaman Jahni, Dean Eckles and Alex Pentland, Video: "Network Effects on Inequality: How network structure affect unequal diffusion" 

6) Prof. Alex "Sandy" Pentland, "Managing the Flow of Ideas in a Pandemic"