Intrepid Summit 2021

May 21, 2021
In a little over a week, what was to be an in person event at Media Lab will be a virtual session for an elite group of executive leaders from innovation, operations and technology from the Fortune 100, entrepreneurs, and investors who are finding novel ways for financial services, insurance and healthcare to work better for society.  This summit's focus will be on innovations in the areas of digital identity, digital / crypto currency, data security, federated learning, analytics, data management and AI. 

The agenda:

  1. ​I will open the session and would appreciate everyone logging into the Zoom on time, and start with your video on, audio muted. 
  2. I will begin by asking ONE representative from our enterprise corporate sponsors, and then investors to provide a 1 minute announcement on themselves - we'll go in alphabetical order. 
  3. Entrepreneurs will then provide a 5 minute pitch on their company - highlighting: 
    • ​​company mission
    • what value your solution provides to customers and the addressable market
    • how you partner with enterprises
    • proof points/examples of the value you deliver
    • current company status (what stage is the company at)
  4. Sponsors and Investors will have 3 minutes to ask questions following each entrepreneur. We'll need to keep strict time limits and in case you need more time - no worries I'll make sure you can follow up post summit. 
  5. The session will close with a brief statement from Prof. Sandy Pentland 

I will share email contact information for ALL participants so that you can follow up with one another unless you let me know otherwise via email. 


If you still have questions regarding the event - please book time with me via and I can help you get the most out of the summit.  It is designed to be interactive, everyone's camera and audio will be on to allow free flow of questions and ideas.  I will be moderating the session and will make sure we have equitable air time for all. 

If you have additional participants in your organization that you'd like to invite, or if you are missing the calendar invite with the Zoom link for May 21st 11am-1pm ET, please let me know. 


Looking forward to see you all next week. 


Douglas Kim
Corporate Partnerships | Investments | Entrepreneur Ecosystem
Fellow MIT Connection Science