Indu Kodukula

Connection Science Fellow

Indu Kodukula is currently Vice President Development, Blockchain Technologies, where
he leads all of Intuit’s efforts around Blockchain. Prior to that, he was Chief Information
Security Officer and Vice President of Cloud Security at Intuit.
Indu has had a long and distinguished career in technology. Prior to Intuit, he was the
Chief Operating Officer of Limelight Networks, the number two Content Delivery Network
(CDN). In his role as COO, he was responsible for products, R&D, professional services and
customer support. During his tenure at Limelight, he built out a robust R&D organization, set
in place people and process improvements that resulted in double-digit net promoter score
increases and presided over the largest capacity increase in the company’s history. Prior to
joining Limelight he was the Executive Vice President Products and Chief Technology Officer at
SunGard Availability Services (a $1.5B business) where he drove the overall technology
strategy of the company, ran R&D and delivered cloud-based DR products.
Indu started off his career as an engineer at Silicon Graphics (SGI) where he implemented
his dissertation work into the high-end parallelizing compiler delivered by SGI. His other work
experience includes stints at McKinsey & Company, BEA Systems and Oracle.