Imagination in Action Web3 Summit @ MIT

June 30, 2022

ABOUT THE SUMMIT: Imagination in Action Web3 Summit @MIT, June 30 - 9 am - 6 pm - is designed to be a breakthrough event featuring the most innovative minds building the next generation of the InternetMIT is a strategic location for this event with about 50% of our imaginators affiliated to the institute through their studies, research, and professional endeavors. 

  • More About this Summit – Web3, underpinned by blockchain technology and a decentralized ethos, represents a new frontier for innovation.  While news about the metaverse and cryptocurrencies have penetrated mainstream media, society remains in the early days of a new era, trying to discern hype from reality.  This summit aims to explore how Web3 may shape society and seeks to explore what drives the economy and how innovators are building the future.  This Web3 Summit combines the best of cutting-edge ideation with real-world implementation. The Web3 Summit features leading engineers & entrepreneurs making a global impact & designing the future of the internet.  Imagiantion in Action Summits – series of 3 summits, 3 locations, 3x of year.


  • 125+ IMAGINATORS – An IMAGINATOR: [ih-maj-uh-ney-ter] in this new Wild West, is an innovator who combines a creative approach to problem solving and whose grit and bias for action transforms ideas into action. Link to all the Imaginators - … we will be putting up the schedule soon. 
  • OUR VENUE @MIT: "The World’s Most Exquisite Building” HERE
  • MEDIA: We are going to video record the panels, interviews, and talks of the summit. Forbes will promote the event @ForbesCrypto Twitter handle and will create social assets and start promoting the event to their 480,000 people following them. Connect with us on social #IdeasInAction. We'll have a social wall at the event where you can see your tweet on the big screen. 
  • VIP SPEAKER RECEPTION with Forbes at The Quin House on June 29.

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