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MIT Connection Science is a cross-disciplinary effort, drawing on the strengths of faculty, departments and researchers across the Institute, to decode, analyze, predict and interpret trends in this new environment.  Our aim is to help executives, entrepreneurs and policymakers open up new possibilities by providing deeper insights into improving lives in our ever-changing, hyper-connected world.

We lead a global community of researchers and practitioners from leading organizations who are working together to invent the future or Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Big Data, for good.

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WEB 3.0

New “web 3.0” technologies….a combination of blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT), digital identity, Distributed Autonomous Organization  (DAOs), Smart Contracts, DeFi, Non-Fungible Tokens and distributed Artificial Intelligence (AI)…are creating enormous new opportunities for virtually every digital domain.

At the same time we are seeing emergence of Metaverse tech, which has already proven compelling for applications like training and collaborative design. Web 3.0 and Metaverse have great potential synergy, allowing people to bring their data and algortihms to different virtual and digital twin worlds, so that their digital self is synergistic with their physical self.

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The mission of The Trust::Data Consortium is to create open source tools and services that foster the development of a secure internet-based network of trusted data and enable next-generation AI, financial services, commerce, and governance.

With the emergence of massive global data ecosystems, The Trust::Data Consortium aims to provide people, organizations, and computers the ability to manage access to their data more securely, efficiently and equitably, while protecting personal data from incursion and corruption.  As we have moved from the analog world to the digital world, our data, security and governance systems have not kept pace.  It has created numerous issues ranging from data insecurity (such as the large-scale government and private sector data losses of recent years) to a widening digital divide between rich and poor, including the global disenfranchisement of over 1.5 billion people who lack legal identity.

Leading Financial Services, Healthcare, and Insurance companies are leveraging TRUST::DATA frameworks to develop novel solutions that improve data privacy, reduce operating cost, and virtually eliminate risks associated with privacy. 

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With our novel “Living Labs” paradigm for research in the field, MIT Connection Science brings together interdisciplinary experts to develop, deploy, and test - in actual living environments - new technologies and strategies built on safe, trusted, data sharing.

A key issue today is that data is siloed, whether it's personal data, data inside an organization, or data sharing across different organizations. Data discovery and integration is difficult and presents complex technical, organizational and policy challenges. A Living Lab allows MIT to be a microcosm for many big data efforts whether in government or in industry. One of our goals is to work with organizations in opening up repositories of information that contain the data needed to discover valuable new insights about important topics such as inclusive finance and health services, innovation, learning and sustainability. MIT is well positioned to take a leadership role in demonstrating not only how organizations can leverage data in the future, but how we collect, manage, and use personal information, from setting appropriate privacy policies to demonstrating AI systems that can implement it in practice.

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OPAL - Bringing GDPR compliant security, transparency and accountability to data ownership, sharing, and use.  Adopted by banks, hospitals, and governments

Tradecoin - A new model for digital money, adopted by both business and governments

The Prosperity Collaborative - Creating better tax systems through innovative technology, in alliance with World Bank, EY, and New America

The Open Music Initiative - Blockchain systems that allow musicians to own and profit from their music


​MIT Connection Science is happy to accept tax deductible donations in any amount to support our research.