Dhaval Adjodah

Connection Science Fellow
Dhaval Adjodah is a machine learning and policy researcher working on pushing the limits of modern machine learning while maximizing their social good. Currently, he is a research scientist at the MIT Quest for Intelligence whose purpose is to make advances towards building machine intelligence. Previously, he was a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab where he developed new machine learning algorithms using insights from social and cognitive science. He is also a consultant for the World Bank, where he is helping build new machine learning pipelines to track and implement SDG policy. Dhaval did his PhD at the MIT Media Lab under Prof. Alex Pentland, with Neil Lawrence, Tim Klinger and Esteban Moro on his PhD committee. During this PhD, he interned with Prof. Yoshua Bengio at, was a member of the Harvard Berkman Assembly on Ethics and Governance in Artificial Intelligence, and was a fellow at the Dalai Lama Center For Ethics And Transformative Values.