Deven Sharma

Senior Founding Connection Science Fellow

Connection Science Fellow Deven Sharma served as President of Standard & Poor’s, Head of Global Strategy and M&A at The McGraw-Hill Companies and partner at Booz Allen Hamilton. He served as Chairman of Crisil, an Indian public company, and member of 800-Flowers board.

Deven is the founder of InfleXon, a firm focused on information and analytics markets. InfleXon advises companies on strategic transformation through disruptions in information, technology and geo political markets, as well as in risk and regulatory governance. Deven invests in and incubates next generation information enabled companies that focus on shaping ways to connect, use and learn from data to transform the way enterprises make decisions, manage risks and, value and monetize their data and analytic assets.

Deven led S&P starting in 2007, through the most tumultuous period in financial markets to pivot to a new product architecture, operating model, adapt to become regulated, re-build brand trust and strengthen risk governance. His experience in information markets extends across range of vertical sectors in financial, health, energy and market intelligence. At S&P, he engaged regularly with central banks, regulators and legislatures and spoke at many conferences globally.

Deven holds a PhD in Operations Management from The Ohio State University, MS in Industrial Engineering from University of Wisconsin, and BS from Birla Institute of Technology.