Anirban Basak

Connection Science Fellow

Anirban is the Founder and CEO of FortifID. FortifID is a working commercial implementation of OPAL and its related concepts introduced in the MIT Trust :: Data book by Dr. Sandy Pentland. The go to market product and solution is designed and tailored for retail financial services institutions ex. banks, fintechs, credit unions, consumer onboarding platforms, crypto exchanges, tax services institutions. 

Prior to founding FortifID Anirban has had over 2 decades of leadership experience in financial services. He has worked at Capital One, Washington Mutual, JP Morgan Chase and several fintechs. He started and built the analytics business for a research and analytics service provider firm Evalueserve Inc. Anirban also served the merchant marines as a Chief Engineer.

Anirban is a Marine Engineer from Marine Engineering and Research Institute, India. He also went on to get his additional degrees from the Moore School of Business, MIT and Stanford.