Thomas Hardjono

Technology Officer

Thomas Hardjono is the CTO of Connection Science and Engineering. He leads technical projects and initiatives around identity, security and data privacy, and engages industry partners and sponsors on these fronts. He is also the technical director for the Internet Trust Consortium under MIT Connection Science that implements open source software based on cutting edge research at MIT. The consortium embodies the MIT philosophy of giving back to the community.

As part of the MIT outreach to industry, Thomas is active in a number of industry associations and standardization bodies. These include IETF, IEEE, Kantara, OASIS, TCG and OIC.

Throughout his 20 year career in the computer and network security industry Thomas has primarily been engaged in advancing new technologies, working in various CTO offices and advances engineering groups. Companies and organizations he contributed to include NTT/ATR Japan, Bay Networks (Nortel), VeriSign Security, Wave Systems and a number of start-ups. Over the years he has published three books and over sixty technical papers in journals and at conferences. He holds 19 patents in the areas of security and cryptography.

Thomas has a BSc degree in Computer Science with Honors from the University of Sydney, and PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales in Australia.