Groups and Communities Image
Groups & Communities
  • Making social networks smarter
  • Behavioral “nudges” to support health
  • Dynamics of AltCurrencies
  • Crowdsourced emergency management systems
Companies Image
  • Understanding innovation
  • Improving collaborative productivity
  • Developing new financial instruments and models
MIT CityScope IRA
  • Designing new models of urban environments
  • Reinvent urban planning
  • Optimizing transportation and the energy grid
Governments Image
  • Redesigning the social contract between governments and citizens
  • Understanding social media impact on population behavior (Arab Spring et al.)
Common Tools
  • Digital identity
  • Digital currencies and exchanges
  • Automated legal documents
  • Personal date stores and openPDS
  • Fraud detection analytics
  • Cyber security tools
  • Decision networks
  • Innovation networks


We have several research projects under way. Check back soon for a listing.


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Saving Big Data from Itself
Saving Big Data from Itself
The Data-Driven Society
The Data-Driven Society
The Strength of the Strongest Ties in Collaborative Problem Solving
The Strength Strongest of the Ties
Beyond the Echo Chamber
Beyond the Echo Chamber
Fostering Peer Interaction to Save Energy
Fostering Peer Interaction to Save Energy