The mission of MIT Connection Science is to revolutionize technology-mediated human networks through analysis, prediction, data-driven design, and evaluation.    Watch who we are, and what we do.

MIT Connection Science is working to unlock the trapped potential of the digital networks that surround us — from social media, to civic infrastructure systems, to enterprise databases that house and protect personal information.

Evidence of the urgent need for our work is all around us. Our choices, behaviors, beliefs and actions are continuously influencing or being influenced by networks and devices.  The unintended consequences of our data-driven lives, both positive and negative, make news daily in every aspect of society … finance, mobility, politics, healthcare, and beyond.  At the same time, the rapid pace of technological and behavioral change has antiquated time honored methods used to analyze and solve problems.

MIT Connection Science is a cross-disciplinary effort, drawing on the strengths of faculty, departments and researchers across the Institute, to decode, analyze, predict and interpret trends in this new environment.  Our aim is to help executives, entrepreneurs and policymakers open up new possibilities by providing deeper insights into improving lives in our ever-changing, hyper-connected world.

We lead a global community of researchers and practitioners from leading organizations who are working together to invent the future or Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Big Data, for good.

MIT Connection Science receives generous support from the following organizations: