Living Labs

With our novel “Living Labs” paradigm for research in the field, MIT Connection Science brings together interdisciplinary experts to develop, deploy, and test - in actual living environments - new technologies and strategies for safe, trusted, data sharing.

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MENA Region, Europe and North America

We have living labs planned in 2015 for the MENA region, Europe and North America exploring modalities such as public health, city management, innovation culture, and social behavior surrounding adoption of new platforms.

At Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Practicing what we preach, MIT has set up a Living Lab on its own campus.  By integrating health, financial and sensor data, MIT will be able to create holistic profiles of communities, subgroups and individuals, to better understand behavior, community and the science of innovation.

University of Luxembourg

In collaboration with the University of Luxembourg, MIT is exploring sustainable cloud-based digital ecologies, using of computation in legal and business processes, and exploration of how to build new trust networks, particularly around the area of finance.

Trento Territory in Italy

The Mobile Territorial Lab (MTL) integrates into the real life of the Trento territory in Italy. In particular, the Lab is focused on exploiting the sensing capabilities of mobile phones to track and understand human behaviors (e.g., families’ spending behaviors, lifestyles, mood and stress patterns, etc.),  to empower individual and collective lifestyles and to investigating new paradigms in personal data management and sharing.

Massachusetts General Hospital

In collaboration with Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT is conducting a comprehensive analysis of health and behavior by linking behavioral data with personal health records to understand and identify opportunities to improve population health & well being.