John Werner

Senior Founding Connection Science Fellow

John Werner has made a career of bringing ideas, networks and people together to generate powerful results. John is Managing Director at Link Ventures. John was a VP at Meta, a Y-Combinator augmented reality startup based in Silicon Valley. Prior he was the Head of Innovation and New Ventures at the MIT Media Lab's Camera Culture Group and served as a Managing Director of Emerging Worlds SIG, where he helped lead the launch of collaborative innovation centers in India. John is the Founder of ARIA, a community focused on the potential of AR and with Sandy Pentland launched Blockchain+AI+Human at MIT and the World Economic Forum. John also is the founder of TEDxBeaconStreet, (talks accumulated 250+ million views). John was a co-founder of Citizen Schools; advisor for PhotoButler and VestigoVentures; passionate photographer; and an accomplished triathlete and organized the Boston Light 10 mile Swim. He was a Loeb Fellow at Harvard.