Dr. Yaniv Altshuler

Connection Science Fellow

Dr. Yaniv Altshuler is a researcher at MIT Media Lab and the founder and CEO of Metha.ai, an industry-leading start-up that uses AI to help dairy and beef farmers boost their productivity while significantly reducing methane emissions. For the past 20 years, Yaniv’s career has been dedicated to the research and development of Artificial Intelligence. His approach is centered on rigorous theoretical analysis of decentralized and scalable AI methods, aimed at discovering new insights and opportunities for improving AI systems and their applications. He is committed to advancing the field of AI by creating systems that are ethical, robust, and accessible to all.

Dr. Altshuler holds a PhD in Computer Science, and is the author of over 70 scientific papers and 15 patents. He is also the author of several scientific research books such as "Security and Privacy in Social Networks", "Swarm Intelligence", and "Applied Swarm Intelligence".