Crypto Music: Decentralized and Open Music Ecosystem

May 10, 2019

Today’s digital music industry has placed technological demands on all stakeholders that have proven to

be problematic in managing data, rights ownership, licensing and royalty settlement and distribution.

The problems are multi-faceted across businesses, technologies, partnerships and data management

processes. Furthermore, the next generation of artists, composers and entrepreneurs will face a global

market that has user experiences we cannot even contemplate today, and very likely the underlying

infrastructure will be based on blockchains and decentralized peer-to-peer networks. Music

compositions will increasingly include mashups shared across social media or remixes experienced

within Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality environments. Decentralized and shared global tracking will

provide true scaling capabilities of matching services to global participants. New economic incentive

models need to be devised and explored in order to empower artists to reach their creative best.

Date: May 10th, 2019

Time: 9:30am – 13:00pm EST

Venue: MIT Media lab, Building E15, Room E15-070 (Bartos Auditorium, Lower Ground Floor)

20 Ames Street

Cambridge, MA 02139




9:30 am 5 mins Sandy Pentland (MIT)

9:35 am 25 mins George Howard (Berklee)

10:00 am 20 mins Thomas Hardjono (MIT)

10:20 am 30 mins Ken Umezaki (dotBC)

10:50 am 10 mins BREAK

11:00 am 30 mins Tamir Koch (eMusic)

11:30 am 30 mins Phil Barry (Blokur)

12:00 pm 30 mins Amy & Devon James (

12:30 pm 15 mins Andrew Pinkham (TrueTickets)

12:45 pm 15 mins Eric Scace & Stephen Moore (MIT)

13:00 pm CLOSE

Please contact Thomas Hardjono for questions. (Email: